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Cherry MX Style Switches

Cherry MX switches are some of the most popular switches on the market today.
Though in the past switches such as the IBM bucking mechanism may have held this crown, nowadays the MX line from Cherry stands as the most recognizable switch type.

There are many reasons Cherry holds this special distinguishment, but one of the main reasons is the lack of competition. Many other competitors have either stopped making switches, or have failed to expand their companies. This leaves Cherry as the de facto number one switch in the world. Additionally, their high prevalence means many people are used to switches with the standard Cherry stem, and many purchase aftermarket keycaps for their keyboards. This means any company that wishes to manufacture key switches and hopes to hit mainstream markets needs to at the very least ape Cherry's style.

Cherry's switch itself is very basic in nature, aside from its characteristic cross shaped stem. This stem means the key caps on Cherry boards can easily be swapped in and out, due to their regulated nature. The switches hold few special traits, though there are many varieties that change the pressure needed to actuate the switch and even the sound it makes. The three most popular varieties are the quiet Reds, the still quiet but slightly louder Browns, and the loud, clicky Blues. Cherry does make otehr offerings, such as the MX Black and MX Clear switch types, but Reds, Blues, and Browns are the most popular switch types today.