Local Grocery Store Closes Doors

John Doe closes down beloved grocery store for good

By Carter Banks
Written 24 January 2019

Beloved grocery store Doe Goods closes its doors this Friday on February 1st due to lacking sales numbers. This closing has been met with a great deal of local backlash, as this store was seen by many as a pillar of the community.
It isn't right, local Jane Brown remarks, That a store like this owned by good people has to close its doors. We all love John, and we hate to see him go.
John Doe's store's popularity does not end with locals, however. Acclaimed actor Clack Gibson, star of movies such as Gone with the Breeze, has gone on record stating that he Used the store as a place to calm down before filming.
For what reason could a beloved store such as this possibly lack the revenue to continue functioning? Many speculate the reason is the rising property tax in the area due to widespread gentrification. Doe famously refused to raise the prices on his goods beyond what they were worth, and as a result doe's profits could not keep up with the taxes he was expected to pay monthly.
Doe's business is not the only casualty of the rising costs in the area. Many other small businesses such as Jane Snow's Dance Studio, Ghost's Dog Emporium , and even Toys 'n Us have fallen victim to the rising property taxes. In fact, some studies have shown that the rise in taxes have lead to as many as 10 local businesses closing their doors, each as beloved as Doe Goods. Many see gentrification as improvements to the area, but has it gone too far?

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